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Thomas J. Jameson

Thomas J. Jameson is a mental health professional driven to help others overcome personal, family, and career obstacles. A licensed mental health counselor in the State of Hawaii with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, he has 15 years of direct counseling experience. He opened the Thomas J. Jameson Family Counseling practice in 2018.

“I lead people to the key that is already within themselves, and help them unlock what they already encompass.”

Tom began working with families and adolescents in 2005, and family counseling is both his specialty and his passion. He helps families, especially those with children aged 14 to 25, deal with and overcome a broad array of difficulties. When helping his clients, Tom uses a holistic approach by considering many factors contributing to problems. He looks at the biological, psychological, and social conditions that affect a person. As a therapist, Tom guides his clients through a healing process that enables them to have more wellness in their lives.

Tom has worked with adolescents for many years as a wilderness guide and therapist. Tom spent 12 years with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. 

Certifications & Licenses

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Hawaii
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Experience & Focus

  • 15 years of direct counseling experience
  • Best practices approach to treatment
  • Family therapy aptitude and experience

Areas of Practice

Within his practice, Thomas J. Jameson offers individual, couples and family therapy. Areas of expertise include men’s issues, couples counseling, family system issues, substance abuse treatment, and identifying potential untreated traumatic experiences. Visit Tom’s Psychology Today profile for more information about his treatment approach and accepted insurance plans.

Click on the areas of practice below to read through some self-evaluation questions which can help to determine if therapy could benefit you or your family.

Adolescent Therapy
  • Is your child struggling with past or current social problems?
  • Are they refusing to go to school?
  • Are they experiencing suicidal thoughts, depression or anxiety?
  • Do they need help learning to cope with stress or traumatic experiences?
Couples Counseling
  • Are you experiencing relationship issues?
  • Intimacy issues?
  • Trust issues?
  • Communication issues?
Family Conflict
  • What’s going on in your family system that leads to conflicts?
  • Is there a divorce?
  • Is there a death in the family?
  • Is there a communication problem between parents and children?
Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Are you struggling with addictive behaviors or substance abuse problems?
  • How committed are you to change?

Ready to Get Started?

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“We have a Prodigal Son story that Tom helped come true. Thankfully our son has continued to make healthy life choices and Tom was instrumental in helping him course correct. We are forever grateful to this highly skilled and compassionate individual.”

Dori D.
Mother & Client

“Tom has the unique ability to connect with children, to connect with their parents, and then connect the two together. He does this in a way that fosters trust, respect, and healing for everyone involved. Tom is a rare find in a therapist. Someone who can bring forth truth and focus on what’s really important, while helping to let go of the noise that sometimes distracts real healing. My family has had the great honor to work with Tom, and we are well and healthy as a result.”

Karin K.
Mother & Client

“Having worked closely with Tom as a colleague I can attest to his professionalism and absolute competence as a therapist. His many strengths include directness, thoroughness, and empathy. Tom will forever be at the top of my referral network.”

Bridger J.
Therapist & Colleague


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