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Thomas J. Jameson

Thomas J. Jameson is a mental health professional driven to help others overcome personal, family, and career obstacles. A licensed mental health counselor in the State of Hawaii with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, he has 15 years of direct counseling experience. He opened the Thomas J. Jameson Family Counseling practice in 2018.

“I lead people to the key that is already within themselves, and help them unlock what they already encompass.”

Tom has been offering counseling services to individuals, couples and families since 2005. Men’s work is both his specialty and his passion. He focuses on helping men find strength and clarity in their lives. This results in more fulfilling and rewarding relationships and experiences.

As a therapist, Tom uses a holistic approach by considering many factors contributing to problems. He looks at the biological, psychological, and social conditions that affect a person. Tom guides his clients through a healing process that enables them to have more wellness in their lives.

Tom is also involved with the ManKind Project and was recently invited to join the Hawaii Leader Body Community Leadership Initiative. Through his work he helps men to overcome their struggles and become more compassionate, purpose-driven, and present in their relationships and their lives.

Certifications & Licenses

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Hawaii
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Experience & Focus

  • 15 years of direct counseling experience
  • Best practices approach to treatment
  • Family therapy aptitude and experience

Areas of Practice

Within his practice, Thomas J. Jameson offers individual, couples and family therapy. Areas of expertise include men’s issues, couples counseling, family system issues, adolescent therapy, substance abuse treatment, and identifying potential untreated traumatic experiences. Visit Tom’s Psychology Today profile for more information about his treatment approach and accepted insurance plans.

Click on the areas of practice below to read through some self-evaluation questions which can help to determine if therapy could benefit you or your family.

Men's Work
  • Are you struggling with feelings of malaise or lack of direction?
  • Are you experiencing issues in your relationship with your spouse and/or children?
  • Are you interested in becoming more aware and grounded within your masculine experience?
Couples Counseling
  • Are you experiencing relationship issues?
  • Intimacy issues?
  • Trust issues?
  • Communication issues?
Family Conflict
  • What’s going on in your family system that leads to conflicts?
  • Is there a divorce?
  • Is there a death in the family?
  • Is there a communication problem between parents and children?
Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Are you struggling with addictive behaviors or substance abuse problems?
  • How committed are you to change?

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“I came to Tom specifically because his description in Psychology Today’s registry said he specialized with Men’s issues. As a 36-year old father of one son whose own dad died at a young age, I had come to believe my major pain points in life constellated around my confusion about what it means to be a man in today’s world after having no consistent, reliable, or trustworthy example of health in a male role model. So, I gave him a call.

I’ve been with Tom for a few months now, and I am so taken aback by the quality of our sessions and the pace of the growth I’ve experienced. I have been eager to do work that will yield results, and Tom has been able to point me toward books that have yielded great insights about my state of being. When we talk, it becomes clear to me that he has considered my inner life with a careful, empathetic mind, and understands my difficulties with his heart as well as his intellect. If you’ve had many therapeutic experiences, you will appreciate how rare that is.

This type of serious-minded, grounded, deeply considered and hopeful approach is what I have been looking for many years.”

Chris G.
“My husband and I just made 20 years of marriage and all I wanted was out of it. I had been unhappy for a long time and I couldn’t fully understand why or put it into words. Everything was fine on the outside but I was deeply sad and lonely on the inside. I searched online for a marriage counselor and Tom’s profile came up. After trying a couple of other therapists before him that didn’t work for me, I decided to try one last time.

After just the first session with Tom, I felt encouraged, heard, not dismissed. He matched feelings with words, and summed up my situation perfectly. On top of that, he laid out a specific plan on how the counseling would proceed. This lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

Over the past 6 months of working with Tom, he helped uncover the root cause of my unhappiness, helped me clarify my needs in the marriage and opened up a whole new level of communication with my husband that never existed before. Tom is authentic, self aware and dives deep into truth. I am very grateful to have found him!”


“Before investing my time in a counselor I had many preconceived notions about my life and who I was. I thought I knew why I lived the way I did and adhered so strongly to my life choice patterns. Upon initial visits with Tom I instantly felt comfortable, understood, and most importantly, HEARD. Working so closely with someone like Tom gave me the strength to let my defenses down and see myself in a whole new light. Confidently today I can say that because of Tom I have begun on a beautiful, healthy path that will assuredly lead to a blissful self-transformation.”


“Nine months ago I reached a dark hole due to alcoholism and decided to get sober. Drinking numbed the pain I experienced in the past. After being sober I started seeing an improvement in my life but noticed that my emotions of hurt were still there, and affecting my relationship with my girlfriend, and I decided to see Thomas. He helped me deal with the struggle of my anger and how to see why I feel the way I felt. Now I’m working on handling my emotions in the right and healthier way, and I truly thank Thomas for helping me through my struggles.”

Male Client

“Having worked closely with Tom as a colleague I can attest to his professionalism and absolute competence as a therapist. His many strengths include directness, thoroughness, and empathy. Tom will forever be at the top of my referral network.”

Bridger J.
Therapist & Colleague


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